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eshuzo provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities as well as avenues for continuous learning to all our employees. Accelerated learning, amazing colleagues, and a chance to solve some of the biggest problems in the enterprise world - this is life at eshuzo!

Our Culture

“Work and recreation go hand-in-hand for our employees. Our engagement programs are designed to help employees meet fellows, relax, have fun, and showcase their talents. eshuzo is a strong advocate of work-life balance and flexibility at work. Our biggest strength has been our diversity. Marlabs’ international presence brings diversity into our culture. We value the different perspectives that a diverse workforce brings to our company.”

Campus Recruitment

eshuzo has set the bar up high through our Campus Recruitment Programs which are active. Our training center based out of good practices that helps new hires develop problem-solving skills. Training in cutting edge technologies combined with continuous learning and mentoring help them stay at the forefront of technology.

Training and Development

SEO & SMO Online Training - Enroll Now for a Special Price

Basic knowledge of HTML , CSS

Offering training programs to enhance skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) for effective online marketing.

PHP Online Training - Enroll Now for a Special Price

Basic knowledge of c/c++/java

Providing comprehensive training programs to learn PHP, a popular programming language for web development and dynamic website creation.

Website Designing - Beginner Web Developer Course

Basic knowledge of HTML , CSS , Java Script

Delivering training programs to acquire skills in website designing, covering various aspects such as layout, graphics, and user experience.

Career at eshuzo Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

eshuzo Global Technologies Private Limited is the best software company and digital marketing agency in Ranchi , jharkhand india.

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